Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lab B2

This past Wednesday our EDU 255 class did another lab on Ultimate Frisbee to work on refining our teaching skills from the previous lab.  During this lab I worked on being more prepared so that I didn't feel so worried throughout the entire thing and hopefully it would go smoother.  By preparing more I felt calm and knew the flow that I wanted however I didn't exactly teach what I needed to.  The objective to this teaching session was to discuss throwing at different distances and how to adapt to this by the flick of the wrist.  I did change the distances in the lesson however, I worked more on moving around and using different types of throws to get a good pass.  

Here are some things that analyze the lesson that I did:
Transcript - shows exactly what I said during my lesson.
Time Coding - shows the type of teaching I was doing and how long each part lasted.
Feedback Analysis - shows the feedback that I gave my students.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This lab seemed for some reason to come much harder for me. The only thing i could think of was that I was really trying to keep everything in the sequence that I wanted too which I should not have worried too much about. I thought I taught very well other than the once incident that I had that had to deal with safety because I forgot that there were frisbee's laying around the gym that needed to be picked up so that no one would slip on them.