Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ch. 1 questions 1,4, and 5

1.  The idea of teaching being a goal-oriented activity is meant that everything that is taught helps to achieve a set goal.  Before every class, the lesson plan that the teacher has for that day should be striving to reach a certain goal in what is being learned.  Such as in basketball, if dribbling is part of the lesson, the goal could be that everyone can dribble with their dominant hand by the end of the class.  Goals for a class could be long-term or short-term.  These goals should be realistic goals as well.  They should match the skill level at which the students are at. 

2.  It is important for teachers to teach content in a certain process because sometimes there is only a specific order or strategy in which content can be obtained by students.  For example, a student should not be taught how to be a catcher in baseball if they can't even catch a regular thrown ball.  There needs to be steps in the process of teaching a skill so that certain goals can be reached at different way points during a lesson. 

3.  The movement task-student response unit of analysis is so important in physical education because it is the heart of teaching PE.  This is the basic teaching strategy of a PE teacher.  Students are first told what to do and what skill they will be improving.  They are then set on their own with certain instructions as to what needs to be done.  The student response section of this is the most important because it explains how the student is learning.  Teacher feedback should be giving at this time depending on if the student is doing something wrong, right, or just needs to try something new.  This part of PE is how a student learns from their mistakes and is congratulated with something that they have achieved. 

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