Sunday, December 12, 2010

Intramural Official

During this semester, I started working as an Recreational Sports Intramural Official at SUNY Cortland.  This job I think related quite directly to my profession as a Physical Educator.  In order to be proficient at this job I need to know the appropriate rules to the game and be able to follow along as directed.  A large part of this job, especially in flag football, I need to be able to keep in shape in order to stay with the play to be in the best position for the right call.  A lot of these sports that are done in intramural sports are not gone over or practiced in the classes.  I think this gives me a new way to be able to teach when I know exactly what the rules are and I get to see how certain people play the game.  I have been refereeing about 12 hours a week which has given me a lot of experience watching and containing the play of the game.  A lot of my job had to make sure that the affective domain was being upheld.  This has to deal with the attitude and behavior of the players.  Sometimes, inappropriate behavior or cheating occurred which is why i was there to prevent that and give consequences to the ones who did this.  Like I said before, I think this is something very good to do when my major is Physical Education. This relates directly to my future job and will help me be a better educator. 

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