Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Physical Education Conference at Turning Stone

 On November 18, I went to Turning Stone in Verona, NY for the annual NYS Physical Education conference.  This was my first time attending this conference and the only thing like it was our Mini-Conference at Cortland, NY.  This was truly a great experience for me as I was able to meet many people and do what I love to do.  There was one presenter/speaker that really surprised me in how well she taught what she wanted.  Mrs. Champion, a middle school physical educator, did two seminars on different types of instant activities that help get the blood pumping really quick in her students.  We did a few of her games and within minutes everyone in the group was sweating.  Another presentation that really sparked my interest was a choreographed hip-hop dance that inspired every person in that room.  Everyone was sweating and I think the reason why many of the younger people enjoyed it was because she used music that was in our era.  Popular hip-hop music that us college students hear almost every day.  I had a great time at this conference and can't wait until the next one.  I was so interested in this conference that I told some of my friends when I was leaving that I will go to this conference until I stop teaching.

Here is one of the seminars that took place at the conference which had to deal with the dance called Tinikling.   It is a dance that doesn't have to always have 4 sticks but sometimes two in which they move in and out opposite of what your feet are moving.  This reminds me of some ritual dancing that would have occurred many years ago.  I also participated in this dance during Rhythms and Dance class at SUNY Cortland and I can say that this is quite a tiring dance.  Music that was used at the conference was "We Will Rock You", which was a good song because it went along directly with the movements of the sticks and your feet which made it easier. 

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