Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lab D - Ice Skating!

This last lab that I did for EDU 255 was ice skating. I was really excited about doing this lab considering I knew how to ice skate and it was something different than usual activities done in physical education. I put a lot of time into preparing for this lab because having 20 minutes to teach really shows how well someone can show their teaching skill while using time management
One thing that I wanted to make sure was really flashy were my visual aids which I made three of.

Professor Yang also showed me a video on Youtube that I used as part of my hook into the lesson. However, I introduced this video very seriously when the video was a joke on the geography of Canada. The students didn't find the video as funny as I did because I think they were trying to figure out if the news people were actually serious. Here are the two clips that show me in my teaching of Lab D:

During this teaching session. I really worked on my feedback. I tried to get to at least 50% of the class and give good feedback.   I really enjoyed teaching this lab and I think the amount of preparation that I put into the lab really payed off in that I wasn't worried or stressed while teaching because I had gone over everything I wanted to do.  I think the students in my class learned a lot out of what I taught in 20 minutes.  With things such as the stop, I could see improvement within the few minutes that we were working on it.  I think this has to do with my persistence in having the students do it right.  I saw that Ryan Carpenter was doing it the right way so I took him in front of the group and had him demonstrate it so that maybe a different view of it will help others.   Here are the forms that can explain the work I put into my lab and my reflection and analysis of my lab:

Time Coding Form 
Content Development 
Lesson Plan 
Lab D Packet

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